• Client:
    Jake Moskow

DJ MSKW creates live mashups with any genre of music.
He has performed in a wide variety of locations – from the Shrine nightclub at MGM Foxwoods, Connecticut  to College Fraternities throughout the Northeast. MSKW’s resume includes: raves, corporate events, and private parties, MSKW recently relocated to Los Angeles and is prepared to give the music scene a new perspective on DJing.  MSKW works as well as a recording engineer, audio production designer, film scorer and composer.

DJ Moskow wanted something sharp and geometric. We based each letter on 3D mesh made of polygons. The logo combines technique and dynamism, relevant to the fact that DJ Moskow only works on turntables – which is quite rare nowadays.
To add some originality we made a second version of his logotype from which we removed all vowels, giving his alias a little more punch.

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